Call for papers

International Conference of Research and Studies in Finance​​ (ICRSF’20)

 ​​​​ March, 3rd​​ and​​ 4th​​ 2020​​ 


Submission deadline:​​ November, 30th, 2019


The​​ International Conference of Research and Studies in Finance (ICRSF’20)​​ will be held in​​ National School of Business and Management of Fez​​ at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah University,​​ Fez, Morocco. ​​ 

This​​ conference​​ is organized by “Research Laboratory in Entrepreneurship and Management of Organizations” (LABEMO), and sponsored by “The National School of Business and Management of Fez”,​​ “Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University of Fez” and “National Center for Scientific and Technical Research”.

The purpose of this International Conference is to bring together​​ academic researchers, professionals, experts and other specialists​​ interested on the field of finance,​​ new​​ technologies​​ and sustainability. They will exchange the latest achievements and discuss future development related to this research area.​​ 

Topics​​ of the conference​​ (but are not limited)​​ 

Track​​ 1: Sustainable and responsible finance

Coordinator:​​ Mimoun BENALI,​​ Professor at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of​​ Fez.​​ 

    • Sustainable and responsible finance: issues and perspectives

    • Degree of financial market integration of sustainable and responsible finance

    • Performance of ethical funds versus conventional funds

    • Green and ecological finance

    • Fair finance and solidarity finance​​ 

    • Mobilization of long-term savings and intergenerational social inclusion.​​ 

Track​​ 2: Blockchain and financial services transformation

Coordinator:​​ Abdelhamid EL BOUHADI, Professor at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez.​​ 

    • Origins and foundations of blockchains

    • Blockchain, internet security and distributed networks

    • Blockchain, mining and the future of cryptocurrencies

    • Issues and applications of blockchains

    • Bitcoin security

    • Smart contracts

    • Blockchain,​​ capital​​ markets and​​ settlement​​ systems

    • Blockchain and financial inclusion

    • Blockchain and collaborative and participative funding

    • Regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital transactions.

Track​​ 3: Finance facing the principles of ethics​​ and morality

Coordinators:​​ Abdellatif TAGHZOUTI​​ and Youssef FAHMI,​​ Professors at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez.​​ 

    • Financial market innovations and transaction security

    • Trading Techniques and Moral Principles and Ethics of Brokerage Trades

    • Regulation of market activity versus ethical and moral education of actors

    • Ideological, economic and religious underpinnings of Islamic finance

    • Islamic finance and sustainability issues

    • Finance in accordance with religious precepts and financial inclusion.

Track​​ 4: Finance and sharing economy

Coordinator:​​ Djamchid ASSADI,​​ Professor at the​​ Burgundy School of Business, Bourgogne​​ University, French.

    • PEP Platforms: challenges and opportunities

    • Foundations of the Sharing Economy and Innovation Paradigms

    • Collaborative consumption and innovative business models

    • Collaborative Finance and stakeholder strategies

    • Digital transformation of financial services

    • New technologies, entrepreneurship and collaborative finance

    • Crowdfunding and financial inclusion

    • Governance and financing of young innovative companies.

Track​​ 5: Finance at the time of fintech

Coordinators:​​ Hicham SADOK​​ and​​ Ezzahid ELHADJ,​​ Professors at the Mohamed-V​​ University of​​ Rabat.​​ 

    • Fintech market

    • Challenges, risks and opportunities of fintech​​ 

    • Governance of fintech​​ 

    • Fintech and moralization of public life

    • Fintech and financial inclusion

    • Fintech and sustainability.

Track​​ 6: Taxation, equity and ethics

Coordinator:​​ Mohamed NMILI​​ and​​ Mohammed ABDELLAOUI,​​ Professors​​ at the​​ Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah​​ University of​​ Fez.

    • Challenges of reforming taxation in developing countries

    • Tax ethics, governance and sustainability issues

    • Tax transparency and associated risks

    • Fight against tax havens

    • Financial crime and tax evasion.​​ 


Papers submissions

Prospective authors should submit their papers by using the ICRSF20 EasyChair.


  • All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and indexed by Scopus.

  • The high-quality articles will be published in​​ a special issue of the International Journal of Business Performance Management (IJBPM).​​ 


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